Marriage Certificate(NAATI-Certificated)
Marriage Certificate(NAATI-Certificated)
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Marriage Certificate(NAATI-Certificated)

SUYI Translation
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Marriage certificate translation (NAATI)

Translation of Marriage Certificates

We translate Australian and foreign marriage certificates from and into English. Common usages of such marriage certificate translations are:

  • You are getting married overseas
  • You are registering an overseas marriage in Australia
  • You are going through a citizenship application
  • You are lodging a visa application (Department of Immigration and Citizenship)
  • You are going through a divorce

Family Court Affidavit for Marriage certificate translation

We can provide the required translator affidavit if you are lodging your document with the Family Court. The translation will be done by a NAATI translator with ample experience in marriage certificate translation services. Getting your marriage certificate translated is as easy as 1, 2, and 3: Just upload it here on a website!

How to get your marriage certificate translated

Just upload your documents here on the website (see the quick quote form on the right), get a quote within 30 minutes, pay online and get the translation by email and on paper. It can all be done right from the comfort of your home. No need to visit an office!

FAQs about marriage certificate translations

Can I use my translation for immigration?

Yes, the translation will be accepted by Australians and a lot of overseas immigration authorities (including but not limited to the United Kingdom, the US, and New Zealand.

I am getting divorced. Why do I need a translation of my marriage certificate?

As part of the divorce proceedings in Australia, the Family Court needs to have evidence of when and how the marriage was entered into. They will ask you to provide a certified translation of your overseas marriage certificate. Only translations done by NAATI-accredited translators like The SUYI Translators can provide this service. The court will also request a translator affidavit – a sometimes intimidating requirement, but rest assured: It’s easy and we have done it a thousand times.

How long does the marriage certificate translation take?

Between 6 hours and 3 days – we will provide you with several options, and you can choose the service level that is right for you.

Is the translation done by NAATI-certified translators?

Yes, of course. With a seal and properly signed. Acceptance by the authorities is guaranteed!

How to contact SUYI Translation

How to get files?

  • Once translation is completed, we will send the electronic copy by default, and the electronic copy can be submitted directly to the immigration bureau and other official systems. You can also print it out in colour, and the printed document with the NAATI watermark stamped has the same legal effect.
  • If you need to obtain a translation with the NAATI watermark
    1. We provide a letter service within Australia and most documents are sent from Sydney. Click here to check the mailing cost and timeliness
    2. We offer pickup services in some cities within Australia, and you can make an appointment with our online customer service to pick up your documents at our collection point. Click to find our offline pickup locations

What information is on the translated document that proves that it is done by NAATI certificate translator?

  • Translator’s NAATI Stamp (with the NAATI translation number on it - NAATI official website can be verified or directly call NAATI to provide the number, translated name, certification direction, certification period).
  • Translate statements will be added on the footer of the translated document.
  • Personal signature ✍️ of the translator


SUYI translation business license and NAATI translator’s certificate