Suyi Foundation

In April 2017, from the first day of its birth on the university campus, Suyi was thinking about how to use technology to improve the world and help society, people and society solve problems.

But when we walked out of the campus, we found that the world is unfair, there are many problems in the society, and computer technology alone cannot solve all the problems.

Therefore, we decided to establish the Suyi Foundation in 2023. Commitment to donate no less than 2% of annual operating profits to university research, education funds, and social welfare funds and make public announcements.

2023 Planned Donation Projects:


The "Free Lunch, Small Kindness, Big Love" project is a national public welfare activity jointly initiated by the Free Lunch Fund of the China Social Welfare Foundation and the Tencent Charity Foundation. By mobilizing the power of caring netizens to provide free hot lunches to poor students, the nutritional status of rural children in China has been changed on a large scale. The current survey report on the nutritional status of students in poverty-stricken areas in China reveals that the nutritional intake of children in poverty-stricken areas in the central and western regions is seriously insufficient. Among the surveyed students, 12% are stunted, and 72% feel hungry during class; The average level of the students is 10 kg and 7 kg, and the height is 11 cm and 9 cm. It is hoped that this project can help Chinese children avoid hunger and grow up healthily.